As a dental clinic you not only purchase equipment and materials differently. As opposed to smaller dental practitioners you have other needs in all sorts of areas e.g. your real estate arrangement. Dental clinics have different - often complicated - legal arrangements and yet need to comply with special German medical restrictions at the same time.

Maybe you need an established partner helping you with specific marketing initiatives? Due to our specific specialization on dental clinics we are familiar with your goals and needs. We either solve your problem directly on a person to person basis or tab into our network and find the suitable partner to help you getting further.



The Dentotrade Academy offers numerous training courses for dentists as well as dental assistants. Dentotrade co-ordinates the different topics and training contents based on the needs of the customers. Dental practitioners and dental clinics need to gain a clearly defined added-value. Trainings cover new developments in dentistry as well as additional topics like general administration, settlement and billing, emergency procedures, Human Resources management and quality management. We are happy to answer any further questions about the Dentotrade Academy and its offerings via telephone or email.